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Who, me?

Hi there! My name is Ethan. Over the past few years, I have had the immense pleasure, privilege, and responsibility to be able to speak at hundreds of conferences around the world, which is maybe where we first met.

My CryptoGlobe news show was a weekly highlight for me over the past couple of years, but sadly, BlockTV did not survive the pandemic, and the show is no more. I love learning, whether it is to research the context of weekly news updates or to deep-dive into a new keynote topic. I also love connecting with people, old friends and new ones alike, especially at conferences.

Since travel is limited for the foreseeable future and who knows what the global event industry will look like after this, I’ve decided to recreate that show and those networking opportunities in the form of news and interview podcasts here on Substack. Even though it has now become primarily virtual, I continue to speak at 50+ conferences per year, giving me access to an amazing group of thought leaders and innovators to share with you.

  • The news podcasts are generally published twice per week depending on story volume.

  • Interview podcasts are published weekly.

  • Other resources and research are published as they come in.

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Together with, I launched my $ETHAN social token this past June. If you are curious about monetizing the creator economy through social tokens, come visit me over there and on my (under construction) discord.

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